Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Important Information

First, I'd like to thank Jennifer Stagg and KUTV 2 for the interview they did last night with my cohort Kristen. We appreciate all the help we are getting to spread the word.

Second, and this is very important. The services that will take place in the cemetery are a PRIVATE EVENT!! Therefore, we are asking everyone to only line up along West Temple and South Temple, and not to enter the Avenues and certainly not the cemetery. Please respect the family and stay a good distance away.

Also, according to one of the comments (and it has not yet been confirmed, though it sounds right) the procession will exit the Conference Center parking garage going south on West Temple, then will head east on South Temple to N Street. As soon as I can confirm this I will let you know, but we will assume this route for now.

For those that are asking about donating the canes, I also believe that is a good idea. I am researching an organization that accepts donated canes, and will post that information as soon as I find one. And for those that will be standing in line to get tickets to the funeral, if you get them you will be able to bring the canes inside. They are not considered weapons and are allowed in every day.

Thanks again for all the help in spreading the word.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kristen- you looked great on TV last night! I've been passing the word along. Thanks for organizing this!- Betsy

Anonymous said...

Just a quick thought...why not collect the canes later and donate them to the Humanitarian Center?


Anonymous said...

Hey, for those of us who don't live near Utah or the USA for that matter, how about we post a photo of us waving a white handkerchief or cane in our native lands?

Post them to and give them the tag of --> hinckleywave <-- (all one word) and we'll see all of the photos of everyone around the world honouring President Hinckley.
Afterwards, the photos can be viewed here:

London, UK

Tami C. said...

Thank-you! what a creative idea, what a special way to show our prophet how much he is loved and will be missed. This will be a great way to teach my children the importance of expressing love and showing respect for their belated prophet.

Anonymous said...

I am homebound and cannot participate in Salt Lake City, but I will be waving my cane in my bed thinking of how much I love President Hinckley and his marvelous sense of humor and commmitment to serving the Lord and the people of the Church and all over the world. Thank you to whoever you are, who has organized this tribute. I hope everyone joins in this tribute to a great man.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! And I really hope that people post their pictures like the commenter suggested on

Thanks for organizing this - I've put a link on my blog to it and hope the word really spreads!

Anonymous said...

President Hinckley's passing has inspired all of you to follow his example of waving his cane. I hope we will also be inspired to follow his example to be better people and attend any of the wonderful temples we have on earth as often as possible! Our warm wishes go out to y'all in Utah!

Razor said...

Please remember that it is a violation of Utah law (UCA 76-9-108) to hold any type of demonstration within 200 feet of the funeral site, i.e., Conference Center. (This was passed to prevent people from protesting and disrupting funerals.) Waiving a cane to send a message is likely included in that prohibition. The Salt Lake police department considers the Conference Center property line the beginning of the 200-foot no demonstration zone, which takes in the nearby portions of West Temple and also North Temple between West Temple and Main Street. Please do not stand in that zone or the police may force you to move or conclude it is necessary to allow anti-Mormon protesters there also. Organizers should contact the Salt Lake Police Department to coordinate.

Kay said...

Those of you who do line the route with your canes and hankies, please remember to do so with reverence; do not yell, or wail, just smile a fond farewell. I would hope we could bid him goodbye in a dignified manner.