Thursday, January 31, 2008

Confirmation and Critical Information

We were contacted by a representative from Church Public Affairs, and he has confirmed the route of the funeral procession. It will head south on West Temple, then east on South Temple, to N Street and into the cemetery.
He also gave us some critical information that we need to get out to everyone planning to participate. Salt Lake City has an ordinance in place that prohibits any demonstrations within 200 ft. of a funeral. That distance is determined by the property line of any venues being used for the funeral. This, therefore, includes not only the Conference Center, but also Temple Square and Administration Square where the Church Office and Church Administration Buildings are located.
Sadly, even in death we cannot escape the protesters who have made it clear they plan to disrupt this solemn occasion. For this reason, church officials have asked the city to strictly enforce this ordinance. Unfortunately, even positive demonstrations, like the Cane Wave Tribute, are covered by this ordinance. Anyone gathering to wave a cane or handkerchief along West Temple or South Temple within 200 ft. of these properties, will be asked to stop by the Salt Lake City Police Department.
In order for us to be in compliance to the rules that apply to the memorial event, no demonstration is allowed at the Conference Center, the Church Administration Building, Temple Square, and West Temple. The church has asked us, then, to begin the tribute on South Temple EAST of State Street. This will keep us in compliance with the city ordinance.
As we mentioned in earlier posts, though, we are asking that everyone stay on South Temple, and not to go into the Avenues neighborhood. Those streets are much narrower and will be more difficult to navigate with crowds. And no one will be allowed into the cemetery. The Salt Lake Cemetery will actually be completely closed down for the funeral.
Also, please be aware that the protesters will be allowed to gather along South Temple as well. And, as usual, they will be trying to engage us in confrontation. As we have previously stated, we wish this to be a reverent and quiet tribute, so please maintain the dignity of this event. It would be nice, however, if we were able to block the demonstrators from view with our waves as the procession passed.
I posted message below about taking photos of your waving wherever you are in the world, and gave instructions for posting them online. I also want to ask you to email them to me at, and I will post them here.
Finally, I wanted to let you know that the representative from Church Public Affairs offered thanks, both personally and on behalf of the church and the Hinckley Family, for organizing this tribute. He said that President Hinckley would be pleased, and the church is pleased as well. I just hope and pray that we will be able to offer such an appropriate farewell, and do it in a reverent and dignified manner.
And, again, thank you to all who have helped spread the word.

Take Photos Wherever You Are!!

Let me again thank everyone who has helped spread the word. We have been covered on KUTV 2 here in Salt Lake City, on the Deseret Morning News website (, and have been posted on a number of other individual blogs. And by the looks of the comments here on this blog, word has spread around the world.

I know many of you that receive this information are outside of the Salt Lake area, but plan to participate by waving your cane or handkerchief wherever in the world you may be. I think this is a wonderful idea. Corrine from London suggested everyone take a photo and post it on the internet. Another wonderful idea. I'd like to add to that and suggest that if you do this, find a way to identify your location in your photo. Perhaps you can wave your state or country's flag along with the cane or handkerchief. The instructions for posting those photos are listed at the bottom of this post.

Again, please continue to get the word out. Also, make sure to read through the "Important Instructions" post, as I have been updating that as I get confirmed information.

Instructions for posting photos:

Post them to and give them the tag of --> hinckleywave <-- (all one word) and we'll see all of the photos of everyone around the world honouring President Hinckley.Afterwards, the photos can be viewed here:

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Important Information

First, I'd like to thank Jennifer Stagg and KUTV 2 for the interview they did last night with my cohort Kristen. We appreciate all the help we are getting to spread the word.

Second, and this is very important. The services that will take place in the cemetery are a PRIVATE EVENT!! Therefore, we are asking everyone to only line up along West Temple and South Temple, and not to enter the Avenues and certainly not the cemetery. Please respect the family and stay a good distance away.

Also, according to one of the comments (and it has not yet been confirmed, though it sounds right) the procession will exit the Conference Center parking garage going south on West Temple, then will head east on South Temple to N Street. As soon as I can confirm this I will let you know, but we will assume this route for now.

For those that are asking about donating the canes, I also believe that is a good idea. I am researching an organization that accepts donated canes, and will post that information as soon as I find one. And for those that will be standing in line to get tickets to the funeral, if you get them you will be able to bring the canes inside. They are not considered weapons and are allowed in every day.

Thanks again for all the help in spreading the word.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In honor of President Gordon B. Hinckley, we are organizing a special tribute for his funeral. Most of us have had the pleasure of seeing him greet the masses with a wave of his cane. It became his signature over the past few years, and we all got a good laugh when he used his cane to wave to the masses instead of using it to help him walk.
To honor the man, and his great sense of humor, we would like to line the streets between the Conference Center and cemetery, hopefully with thousands of admirers, waving canes as the cortage passes. I have set up this site to disseminate information about the funeral and the tribute as it becomes available.
I ask that you send a link to this blog to as many people as you can, and ask them in your message to do the same. This way we can reach as many people as possible, and give this great man a fitting tribute.
The funeral will be held on Saturday, February 2, at 11:00 a.m. in the Conference Center. It is estimated to go on for 1-2 hours. Those wishing to participate should be in place at around noon. The exact route of the funeral procession has not yet been determined, but will most likely go east on North Temple or South Temple into The Avenues to the Salt Lake Cemetery. Please check back often or check the newspaper or TV for updates on the funeral and procession.
Also, for those that would like to attend, a viewing will be held in the Conference Center on Thursday and Friday, from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Here is the Plan

We will gather along West Temple (South of North Temple, please as the cortage will be exiting from underground on West Temple and we don't want to obstruct that in any way) and South Temple (to about N Street) starting at about noon. Parking is limited downtown, so it is best to carpool or take UTA. The closest Trax station is the City Center Station on Main Street and South Temple. You can also visit to find out information on buses that will take you along South Temple.

Please line up only along West Temple and South Temple. As the graveside services are private, we want to remain a good distance from the cemetery.

The suggestion has also been made that in addition to canes, we should also wave white handkerchiefs, as he was greeted around the world with a wave of white handkerchiefs. So bring either a cane or a white handkerchief.

We also ask anyone participating in the tribute to respect the residents along the procession route. Please do not block roads or driveways, and please do not trespass in yards or other private property.

Sunday, January 27, 2008