Thursday, January 31, 2008

Take Photos Wherever You Are!!

Let me again thank everyone who has helped spread the word. We have been covered on KUTV 2 here in Salt Lake City, on the Deseret Morning News website (, and have been posted on a number of other individual blogs. And by the looks of the comments here on this blog, word has spread around the world.

I know many of you that receive this information are outside of the Salt Lake area, but plan to participate by waving your cane or handkerchief wherever in the world you may be. I think this is a wonderful idea. Corrine from London suggested everyone take a photo and post it on the internet. Another wonderful idea. I'd like to add to that and suggest that if you do this, find a way to identify your location in your photo. Perhaps you can wave your state or country's flag along with the cane or handkerchief. The instructions for posting those photos are listed at the bottom of this post.

Again, please continue to get the word out. Also, make sure to read through the "Important Instructions" post, as I have been updating that as I get confirmed information.

Instructions for posting photos:

Post them to and give them the tag of --> hinckleywave <-- (all one word) and we'll see all of the photos of everyone around the world honouring President Hinckley.Afterwards, the photos can be viewed here:


LexaGraeme said...

Could you please leave an exact URL for the Deseret News story about the cane wave? Those of us outside Utah would like to read about the publicity this dear tribute is generating.

This goes for any others as well. Thanks!

Life out Here said...

Have you contacted the University of Utah Institute about this?? You'd definitely get some support from the students there! Even at this late date, perhaps they could mail out to students on mailing lists or something as an activity. I'll let my old student ward know about this.

Thank you for honoring him with such a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I'm a journalist in Salt Lake City and would like to do a story on your tribute, but I need to chat with someone ASAP. Please call me at 801-237-2144. thanks.

in memory of our beloved president hinkley said...

So about taking pictures like that one girl suggested. What are we supposed to take a picture of? PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP! at

or write on my blog @

and or you can email me at:


Vernonia Oregon said...

we posted our picture on flickr but we dont see it?

the picture is tagged etc.. anyone else post a picture yet.. did we do somthing wrong?